Newlab is a French shoe designer founded in 2016.

The reunion of two friends, on the other side of the world, initiated this project.

Throughout their journey, the two founders, inspired by their joyful explorations, driven by their passion and their continued focus on avant-garde trends after years of experience in this industry, they decided to design a living, dynamic and unique product combining creativity and sophistication.


We started NEWLAB with the mission of making highest quality leather goods. Whats does that mean to us?

It’s selecting the best materials and working with exceptionally skilled craftsmen.

At the same time, it’s ensuring the highest standards in working conditions.

We selected a manufacturer that is focused on providing an exceptional working experience for everyone in the team.

We make sure our workers are compensated fairly.

We use high-quality Italian leathers that have undergone unique techniques, fusing premium milled Nappa leather and nubuck with modern design principles for everyday wearability.

The Italian milled Nappa leather provides a supple feel and ages beautifully with time and wear, remaining a closet staple for its timeless design and high-quality material.